Retirement has changed.

Your pension scheme hasn't.

Retirement has changed... As life expectancy increases, so has the cost of living and the time we expect to spend in retirement.

...Pension's haven't. The average pension only reaches half the income needed to meet the Minimum retirement living standards1,2.

Businesses are feeling the impact: 1 in four employees will switch roles this year, driven by financial pressures3.

Can you afford to stick with the status quo?

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The workplace pension that works

Auto enrolment

Pension consolidation

Salary sacrifice

Every employer in the UK must put certain workers into a workplace pension and pay in to it. From the day your first worker started working for you, you now have legal duties.

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Almost 9 in 10 employees have 'lost' pensions. We help consolidate pension pots, making managing your retirement easier and achieving the optimal financial outcome.

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Making contributions by Salary Sacrifice, employers can pay less Employers National Insurance and employees can reduce Tax and National Insurance obligations too.

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97% of pensions are forecast to fall significantly short of the Comfortable retirement threshold, we can help minimum wage employees achieve a Comfortable retirement.

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Administration or regulatory tasks, access to Financial Advisers, corporate workshops and financial education. We continue supporting members to ensure everyone gets the most from our services.

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Looking to retain your best people, attract top talent? Our suite of employee benefits cover Financial, Mental and Physical wellbeing and can be tailored your each business needs.

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A pension that performs

Employee Wellbeing

Ongoing support


An efficient way to
support pension progress

Every employer in the UK must put certain workers into a workplace pension and pay in to it. We make your employee duties quick and simple. We're always on hand ready to support you every step of the way.

Select contribution basis. Contributions by Qualified earnings or Contributions by Certification. We offer the right option for each employer

Choose your pay reference period. Your pay reference period can be from as little as one week to over a two-month period

Decide your postponement period. We provide the option to defer assessment of your workforce up to a period of 3 months.

Automate cyclical re-enrolment. Every three years you must re-enrol certain workers into your qualifying pension scheme, such as those that have previously opted out, or voluntarily left the pension scheme

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Bring your pensions together,
so they can work harder for you

Almost 9 in 10 employees have 'lost' pensions. We help consolidate pension pots, making managing your retirement easier

Provide a few details. Confirm your name, National Insurance Number and a few bits about you

Choose pensions to transfer. Choose an unlimited amount of pensions to transfer. Know you had a pension but not sure who its with? No problem, let us do the leg work and track them down for you

Submit your details. We'll confirm that we have received your request, and keep you updated each step of the way.

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Set up contributions to benefit
employers and employees

Salary sacrifice is an agreement between you as the employer, and your employees. ​Your employees agree to exchange part of their salary or bonus for a pension contribution​You can either choose to implement at contract level, or on an individual basis.

Reduce Employer National Insurance. As an employer, you pay Employers National Insurance as a percentage of your employees salary. By employees exchanging part of a salary of bonus, employers pay less Employers National Insurance.

Reduce Employee Taxes. When your employees exchange part of their salary or bonus for a pension contribution, they will benefit from savings in Tax and National Insurance also.

Employee savings. Employees can choose to use these savings in two ways:​
(i) To increase their pension contributions, or
​(ii) Increase their take home pay

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It's about time employers could offer a workplace pension that works

The average pension only reaches half the income needed to meet the Minimum retirement living standards1,2. Employees need a solution that will allow them to make retirement a reality

A pension that performs.

Save time. Offer holiday trading, concierge services even cycle to work schemes

89% of businesses agree that employee performance is impacted by financial stress. Solve this problem and let your best people spend more time focussed on achieving business goals

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A pension that provides for
the present and the future

9 out of 10 businesses say employee stress is impacting their performance. Offer a wider employee benefit package that supports mental, physical and financial wellbeing.

Save money. Literally through Workplace ISAs or via Shopping discounts, Car schemes and gym memberships

Save time. Offer holiday trading, concierge services even cycle to work schemes

Stay healthy. Mentally and physically, offer a tailored benefits scheme that cover private medical/dental insurance to Employee Assistance Programmes and much more

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If employers don't change,
their best employees will

More than 1 in four workers are looking for new roles, with personal finances high of the list of concerns4. Companies actively addressing these concerns are set to benefit:

Authorised and Regulated. Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

Experienced pension experts. A dedicated team ready to support you from set up and onboarding to reporting and certification

Quick and easy to set up and run. We get you set up fast and then take care of your reporting, certification and re-enrolment, auto generate communication, inform you of changes to contributions and any opt ins and outs.

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"The best time to start was yesterday,
the next best time is today"

A workplace pension that works, for everybody, now and in the future. Let's get started!

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eurikah. It’s about time.

Join a a growing number of workforces that are using the eurikah workplace pension to support making retirement a reality. We’re ready to help keep things simple, easy and efficient, every step of the way.



We’re delivering on our mission of making retirement a reality, for everybody


Assets Managed

We're here to make retirement a reality, for everybody


Trusted and secure

FCA regulated and FSCS qualifying; your financial future is our priority

Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions we haven't managed to answer, check out some of our FAQs below, or contact us directly we're here to help.

Is the eurikah pension safe?

In short, yes!

The pension scheme is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Clients monies are held in segregated accounts via Tier 1 UK banks and client assets are also held in trust.

This is designed to ensure that, should anything unforeseen happen to eurikah or any of our partners, your cash, assets and financial future are not at risk.

Can i offer eurikah alongside an existing workplace scheme?

Absolutely. Setting up a scheme to run alongside your existing provider is quick and easy, we'll even come onsite or attend team meetings online to raise awareness of the eurikah pension and its potential benefits, to your employees.

It's then up to your employees if they want to opt-out of your current scheme and into eurikah. We can then integrate into your systems to make running the scheme simple, easy and fast.

Get in touch today and we can support you getting started!

Can i use salary sacrifice?

Yes! we offer both contributions using salary sacrifice or contributions via net pay

Do you support additional tax efficient employee savings?

Yes! We can offer a range of tax efficient investment wrappers that can be harnessed to further support employee financial prosperity, if you'd like to know more about setting up a Workplace ISA or any other supporting schemes, please get in touch here.

Can i invest in eurikah portfolios  via a GIA, ISA or SIPP?

Yes. If you're an individual investor interested in taking advantage of eurikah portfolios, please get in touch here.

What are the fees involved?

Each scheme is priced individually, depending on a range of requirements. If you'd like to discuss your specific needs please don't hesitate to get in touch here.

Is the eurikah pension available to non-UK residents?

Yes, the eurikah pension scheme can be adminsitiered globally. If you would like to offer the eurikah pension to employees outside of the UK, please get in touch here.

What differentiates the eurikah pension?

Our mission is unique, we want to offer a workplace pension that works; for businesses and employees.

We’re concerned by the state of pensions across the UK and beyond that, without change, will force millions into pension inadequacy.

We believe we’re uniquely placed to make retirement a reality for everyone and in doing so support great businesses create compelling competitive advantages to attract, retain and reward the best talent.

Using centuries of data as our evidence, we created a unique portfolio allocation model, that uses Nobel prize winning methodologies to help optimize optimal performance and probability over a chosen time period.

It you'd like to learn more about our portfolios, please get in touch here.