The Workplace Pension Making Retirement a Reality

Millions of employees will not be able to afford retirement1,2

Switch to eurikah: a workplace pension built to create comfortable and secure retirements, is simple and easy to manage and helps your workforce take your business to the next level.
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Workplace Pensions

Retirement has changed...

We're living longer and the cost of living is increasing. To be able to retire, our pensions must grow larger and last longer.

Increased life expectancy

Since pensions were introduced, life expectancy has increased from around 50 to soon surpass 90 years old

Increased cost-of-living

The cost of living has increased by nearly 10,000%. £1 of goods (when pension's were introduced), is now worth £95
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Workplace Pensions

...Pension schemes haven't.

Retirement has become unachievable for millions of workers. It's time for pensions to change.

Legacy Retirement Planning

Pensions still often aim for a target income from a static date, leading to an overly risk-adverse approach to pension accumulation.

Pension Inadequacy

The MINIMUM retirement living standards requires £14.4k a year. Almost twice as much as the current average pension provides2
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Business Benefits

The biggest risk to business:
Do Nothing.

Traditional Pensions aren't working and it's impacting your business. By acting now, you can increase productivity, revenue and margins, whilst reducing costs and attracting/retaining top talent. It's win-win and FREE.
Working hours lost each year to financial stress related absenteeism
Employers seeing financial stress having a negative impact on employee performance
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Why eurikah?

Join the workplace pension, that works

Reap the rewards of joining the workplace pension designed to combat
the ongoing pension crisis, by making retirement a reality.

Performing Pension

Built to address the ongoing pension crises, the eurikah pension can make retirement affordable and achievable for your employees

Increase productivity

Employees are stressed about their finances. Providing financial security creates more focussed, productive employees

Employee Wellbeing

Investing in employee wellbeing helps businesses attract and retain top talent, creating a robust competitive advantage

Improve efficiency

Lower staff turnover due to happier, more productive staff allows businesses to save on recruiting, training and payroll costs
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Join the businesses reaping rewards with eurikah

Helping more than 100k employees
Trusted with over £800m assets
Authorised and regulated for over 35 years
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Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about the eurikah workplace pension.
Are you auto-enrolment compliant?
Yes. You can select your contribution basis (by qualifying earnings of by certification), set up a pay reference period, even set a postponement period if required.

Our team of pension experts are on hand to help you get set up and running quickly, automate cyclical re-enrolment and manage any opt-outs.
Can i open a GIA, ISA or SIPP and invest in the eurikah portfolios?
Yes. If you're an individual investor interested in taking advantage of eurikah portfolios, please get in touch here.
What are the fees involved?
Each scheme is priced individually, depending on a range of requirements. If you'd like to discuss your specific needs please don't hesitate to get in touch here.
Is the eurikah pension safe?
In short, yes! We're set up, administered and regulated like any other pension scheme in the UK.

The eurikah pension scheme is administered by Astute Finanical Management (UK)Ltd, who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Our scheme is also protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Clients monies are held in segregated accounts via Tier 1 UK banks and client assets are also held in trust.

This is designed to ensure that should anything unforeseen happen, your cash, assets and financial future are never at risk.
Can we offer the eurikah pension alongside our existing scheme?
Absolutely. Setting up a scheme to run alongside your existing provider is quick and easy, we'll even come onsite or attend team meetings online to raise awareness of the eurikah pension and its potential benefits, to your employees.

It's then up to your employees if they want to opt-out of your current scheme and into eurikah. We can then integrate into your systems to make running the scheme simple, easy and fast.

Get in touch today and we can support you getting started!
Do you support additional tax-efficient savings, like Workplace ISAs?
Yes! We can offer a range of tax efficient investment wrappers that can be harnessed to further support employee financial prosperity, if you'd like to know more about setting up a Workplace ISA or any other supporting schemes, please get in touch here.
Is eurikah available as a 401(k) or to other non-UK based companies?
Yes, the eurikah pension scheme can be adminsitiered globally. If you would like to offer the eurikah pension to employees outside of the UK, please get in touch here.
Do you offer salary sacrifice?
Yes! we offer both contributions using salary sacrifice or contributions via net pay
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Solving the pension crisis? It's about time

Time is a pension's greatest asset. Get started today and begin reaping the rewards
of a workforce that feels valued, who have their financial futures in good hands
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Sources: 1. ONS (2022), 2. PLSA (2024) 3. ONS (2022) assumes a 4% annual target withdrawal